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Via PCI IDE DOS/Netware/OS/2/Win3.1/9x/NT3/Unix/Linux ver 2.3.18

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File Title Via PCI IDE DOS/Netware/OS/2/Win3.1/9x/NT3/Unix/Linux ver 2.3.18
Filename.ext os2_2318.exe
Uploaded 2018-03-03 17:09:46
Uploaded by dionb 
Updated NA
Updated by NA 
Category SCSI/Storage
File size 1,419,297 bytes
Description PCI IDE Device Driver Ver 2.3.18

Driver Name: VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Driver

Description: IDE driver for VIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

Release Date: 99/05/25

Supported Operating Systems:
a. DOS 5.x or above
b. NewWare 3.x or above (Note)
c. OS/2 2.x or above
d. Windows 3.1 or above
e. Windows 9x 4.00.950 or above
f. Windows NT 3.51 or above
g. Unix SCO 3.2.4 or above
h. Linux

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