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VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

This is a collection of drivers for vintage hardware, as collected and contributed by the upstanding members of the VOGONS Forums.





As with any web site, this site costs money to run. I will begin by stressing that the site will be free, forever, and nobody will ever have to pay money to contribute files or info, or to download files, ever. If that means I pay for the hosting from my own pocket, that's fine, it's my pleasure. But if you choose to donate, you will have my eternal thanks, and if you ARE a contributor of files or edits, you get a cool little star next to your name in the file stats screen. Yay! Click the "Donate" button to send funds via PayPal, or if you're one of those fancy pants BitCoin people, you can send them via that method too. Donated funds will go towards hosting space and domain registration, purchasing vintage hardware to obtain those elusive driver disks for archival, and keeping me caffenated while doing site updates, in that order! :P

BitCoin: 1HhPifZike8qDX5CxrMpoyHHH7abMMSSmi

If something breaks, get in contact with SquallStrife via PM on the VOGONS Forums and we'll fix it as quickly as possible.

We love GoG! :D
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