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Welcome to the DigiBarn Computer Museum for 2013 (our 16th year)!

New Features:

2013 initiative: DigiBarn works with Computer History Museum on key Apple II DOS development documents and code (1978). Source code officially released!

DigiBarn "computer family" exhibit
at theSanta Cruz Museum of Art & History

(August 2012)

New! DigiBarn reboot is underway!
See a tour of the museum as it comes back to life after four years on hiaitus!
(December 2013)

Feb 2014: Unique early 1970s videos
on the CTC Datapoint

Video features at:
DigiBarn TV

Audio features at:
DigiBarn Radio

Rich Didday on his life and times including Finite State Fantasies
(May 2009)

Bill Pentz tells the story of the SacState Machine (1973-2009) - the First (Complete) Micrcomputer

Other Recent Stuff: Special "Happy Birthday" Events and Special Exhibits

The LINC event at the VCF and the Digibarn (Nov 3-5th, 2007)

A Digibarn event: Apple @ 30

1976: Apple in the Garage
(held at the VCF 9, Nov 4, 2006)

Happy 30th Birthday
Homebrew Computer Club

(Nov 2005)

Happy 30th Birthday Maze War
(Nov 2004)

Happy 30th Birthday Xerox Alto
(Nov 2003)

The World of Xerox at the Digibarn

(see how Xerox changed the world!)

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