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 6.14) What voice/sound synthesis hardware was produced for the

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This section by Andreas Koch.

- Voice-Box II by The Alien Group (a software and hardware package);
- 1400XL/1450XLD Voice Synthesizer (built-in chip inside the extreme rare
  Atari 1400XL/1450XLD models);
- Talk is Cheap by Ed Stewart, Antic Volume 2 Number 4, July 1983,
  pages 64-66; hardware schematics only (a test/demo program is
  mentioned in the text, but not printed in the magazine!);
- Cheap-Talk by Lee Brilliant, Analog Computing, issue 29, April 1985,
  pages 59-67; hardware schematics and software demos, for example
  "First Words");
- many other voice synthesizers (mostly selfmade and based on a chip by
  National Semi Conductor);

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