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 6.15) What sound-digitizers/samplers were produced for the Atari?

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This section by Andreas Koch.

- Parrot (2-Bit) by Alpha Systems, Anthony Ramos;
- Parrot-2 (2-Bit or 4-Bit?) by Alpha Systems, Anthony Ramos;
- 2-Bit Replay (2-Bit) by 2Bit-Systems Ltd.
- Sound N&#146Sampler (2-Bit) by Ralf David;
- Sound Digitiser (2-Bit) by Ralf David;
- Sound-Meister (2-Bit) by Irata;
- Sound-Digitizer (2-Bit) by Irata;
- Digitales Mikrofon (2-Bit) by Compy-Shop;
- Voice-Master (2-Bit) by Covox Inc.;
- Analog-Sample-Processor (2-Bit) by Steven Lashower (Analog Magazine);
- Atari-Sound-Sampler (2-Bit) by Andreas Binner and Harald Schoenfeld
  (german Atari magazin 1/1989, pages 44-49, complete with schematics,
   documentation, sample-program and assembler-source);
- Alphasys-Sound-Sampler cart. (4-Bit) by ANG/Mirage (released as a mono
  version; a stereo (two Pokeys!) version was promised/planned, but afaik
  never released);
- ARGS-XE-Sampler (8-Bit) by ABBUC regional group ARGS (only one or
  two prototypes exist, alas the hardware was never released due to lack
  of (sampling/digitizing) software; maybe a good idea for the hardware
  and software experts out there!);
- and many others ...

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