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 3.6) What kinds of 5.25" floppy disks can I use with my Atari drives?

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Russ Gilbert writes:
If you&#146re talking standard computer store, you can&#146t use those 5 1/4" disks.
I mean you can&#146t use high density disks.  They must be double density to use
with the 1050.  Almost all double density 5 1/4" disks have a hub ring, high
density disks don&#146t have the hub ring.

RHamiIton5 elaborates: (5/12/01)
The Atari 8 drives do not have write heads and circuity which can handle the
type of oxide coating used on the high density floppy media; they cannot write
reliably to them. The hub ring has just become a sort of marker to distinguish
the high density from the standard double density diskettes.

Way back in your apple days of &#14679-&#14682, most disks were hubless and only the
really premium brands offered hubs to prevent slippage and out of round
problems; you could even buy little kits for adding you own hub rings.

When the home computer swell really hit around &#14683 and price wars began, hub
rings became common on good disks and eventually became standard down to
include most generic bargain diskettes.

The introduction of high density 5.25&#146s required a different coercivity (=
magnetizability) to get more bits in a smaller space and suitable electronics
to do it. These disks were produced hubless; was it a differentiating label or
just unnecessary because of stronger mylar construction? Anyone?

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