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 6.18) What graphics enhancements are there for the Atari?

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This section by Andreas Koch.

- some 80 column interfaces made by Atari and third parties. Allthough
  these interfaces are there to provide a better text display with 80
  chars. per line, they can somehow be used as a simple graphic
  enhancement; think I have seen a graphic demo for the XEP-80 device
  somewhere, that used a higher graphic resolution in Gr. 0 or Gr. 8
  and also provided some animation (not only text, but also graphics),
  alas I don`t remember the name of that demo...;
- the ultra-rare 1090XL box and probably graphic cards for it (who-ever
  owns this item, doesn&#146t use it, who-ever would like to have + use it,
  doesn&#146t own it or cannot afford it!);
- more seriously: Antic and GTIA upgrade by Chuck Steinman. Afaik, an
  article about that topic appeared in Atari Classic, since I do not own
  it, I can merely speculate that it adds a second Antic and GTIA for
  higher resolution and/or more colours...;
- many selfmade upgrades, using graphic chips or graphic cards from other

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