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  3.9) How can my Atari utilize my PC&#146s or Mac&#146s storage drives?

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==> SIO2PC, by Nick Kennedy

From the SIO2PC home page:

SIO2PC is a hardware & software package interfacing the 8-bit Atari to PC
compatible computers.

The original idea was to have the PC emulate Atari disk drives so Atari
programs could be stored on the PC&#146s hard (or floppy) drives.  It turned out
to be quite successful.  About 95% of my work was in the software, but a
hardware device to convert logic levels was also necessary.  This device is
now commonly referred to as an SIO2PC cable.

  -  Emulates 1 to 4 Atari disk drives
  -  Store your Atari files on PC hard or floppy drives
  -  Boot from the PC, real drive not needed to start-up
  -  No software or drivers required for the Atari;
         no conflicts: use your favorite DOS
  -  Twice as fast as an Atari 810 drive and more reliable
  -  Co-exists with real drives in the Atari daisy chain
  -  Compatible down to the hardware level: use sector copiers, etc.
  -  Print-Thru captures Atari print-out and routes to PC&#146s printer
  -  Convert Atari files to PC files and vice versa


Another source for various SIO2PC cable design plans is Clarence Dyson&#146s page
at http://www.wolfpup.net/atarimods/

==> Atari810, by Dan Vernon
A disk drive emulator in the tradition of SIO2PC, for the Windows NT/2000/XP


==> Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE), by Steven Tucker

David A. Paterson writes:
"Steven J. Tucker took SIO2PC one better and wrote new software.
The Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE for short):

- lets your PC act as high-speed drives.
- It lets you print to your PC printer.
- And it lets you use your PC modem on the 8-bit."


==> SIO2Linux, by Preston Crow

Pavel Machek made an initial attempt at communicating with the Atari through
an SIO2PC cable using Linux&#146s serial port drivers. He came up with a simple
floppy emulator, femul.c.  I rewrote that to add a bunch of features:

* No kernel modules.
  Unlike the AtariSIO project, this is just a simple user-space program that
  uses a serial port device.
* Create new dynamically sized images
  Each image starts as a 3-sector image file, but grows to accomodate the
  highest-numbered sector written.
* Mount your native file system as an Atari disk
  It&#146s read-only for now, and it doesn&#146t support subdirectories, but each
  file is mapped to a different starting sector, and as that sector is read,
  it automatically maps in the rest of the file.


==> Sio2OSX, by Mark Grebe

Sio2OSX is a peripheral emulator for the Atari 8-bit computers that allows the
Atari computer to use an OSX based Macintosh as a disk drive, a cassette
drive, and a printer.   Sio2OSX peforms functions similar to APE or SIO2PC on
Windows based computers.


==> Multi-platform Distributive Operating System Professional for Atari,
    by Krishna Software (Krishnasoft)

MPDOS Professional for Atari Features:

o Joystick simulation (2-button and single button)
o Digitized Paddle simulation (just extreme values)
o Allows for using PC joystick or keyboard to simulate Atari joystick
o Works with Atari 5200 (using Digital Joystick Adapter)
o Keyboard simulation (supplied software driver is needed)
o Simulates up to 4 Atari disk drives (D1:, D2:, D3:, D4:)
o Simulates Atari cassette player (C:)
o Includes easy to use parallel port cable (plug and play)
o Hardware level simulation (no drivers required, except for keyboard)
o Supports PC video overlay window
o KDOS4-- a fast binary file uploader
o Multimedia CDROM included (runs on PC and Atari using distributive
o Built-in editor for creating Atari ASM and Atari BASIC source files
o 6502 Assembler (compile and upload directly to Atari)
o Sample source code
o DOS-based utilities including 6502 disassembler
o Simple GUI interface for simulating peripherals, compiling, and uploading
o On-line 100+ page manual with technical and general information

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