Supplementary Software and Services 4050 Series

Text:This publication consists solely of information from suppliers of software products, programs, and/or services, other than Tektronix. The information provided herein is subject to the independent investigation and evaluation by the reader. Tektronix has not investigated or evaluated the products, programs, and services described herein and Tektronix disclaims all responsibility for and does not in any way warrant or endorse said products, services, or programs. Tektronix also makes no endorsement or warranty with regard to the suitability of a specific software program or product for a particular application or with regard to whether the program or product will operate in connection with the Tektronix 4050 family of computer. Tektronix is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may appear in the abstracts. To obtain additional information or order any vendor material write or phone the appropriate vendor(s); they will send you additional information directly.


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