Indigo Magic Desktop Integration Guide

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Text:This manual explains how to integrate applications into the Indigo Magic Desktop Environment. It is intended for programmers who are developing applications to run on Silicon Graphics workstations. This manual describes how to achieve the Indigo Magic look and feel for your application -- using Schemes and the enhanced look, using some new widgets provided by Silicon Graphics, setting window and session management properties, creating unique images for minimized windows, using the File Alteration Monitor, and tips for using fonts. The manual also shows you how to create Desktop icons for your application -- drawing icons using IconSmith, programming icons using file typing rules, and installing icons in the Icon Catalog. And you can internationalize your application by generalizing it so that it can easily be customized -- or localized -- to run in more than one language environment. Finally, information is provided for packaging your application for installation. This involves using the Software Packager tool so that users can install your product with the Software Manager, Silicon Graphics' software installation and management tool. (The Software Manager provides a graphical interface that makes it easy for users to install your product.)


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