POWER CHALLENGE XL Rackmount Owner's Guide

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Text:This guide is designed to help you understand and operate the POWER CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE XL rackmount systems. This guide contains information about the system hardware and software, as well the base set of supported peripherals. The POWER CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE XL systems are high-performance servers that are installed in a configurable rack-mounted enclosure. Both systems can support the following maximum configuration: * nine CPU boards * eight MC3 (memory) boards * three separate card cages (two in the standard configuration) * 16 internal, half-size SCSI drives (eight in the standard configuration) The POWER CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE XL systems also provide VMEbus board support and a wide range of I/O options. In addition, the POWER CHALLENGE configuration supports an optional visualization console display for graphics capability. The POWER CHALLENGE contains the R8000-based IP21 CPU board. The CHALLENGE system contains the R4400-based IP19 CPU board.


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