ToolTalk Programmer's Guide

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Text:This guide describes the ToolTalk service and how to modify your application to send and receive ToolTalk messages. It is for application developers who create or maintain applications and wish to use the ToolTalk message service. This manual assumes familiarity with the IRIX operating system environment. After you have read this manual, you should have an understanding of what the ToolTalk service is and how it works; what is required to integrate with the ToolTalk service; how to modify your application to send messages addressed to processes or ToolTalk objects; how to register message pattern information for the messages you want to receive; how to receive and handle messages delivered to your application by the ToolTalk service; and how to create and manage ToolTalk objects in your application's data. This manual is intended for systems running IRIX 4.0.1 or later. The manual does not provide ToolTalk installation procedures. To install the ToolTalk service, see the ToolTalk Setup and Administration Guide.


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