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 SPL What's New page

 By Platform
 Products that were updated in the latest quarter's SPL/LPL/OEU:
»  OpenVMS Alpha as of 6/2/2015 4:20:32 PM 
  »  OpenVMS Integrity LPL as of 4/29/2013 5:17:30 PM
»  OpenVMS Integrity OEU as of 5/27/2015 12:42:52 PM
  »  OpenVMS VAX * as of 10/13/2010 1:09:54 PM 
    Note: »  Final Release for OpenVMS VAX    
»  Tru64 UNIX * as of 4/22/2010 3:58:00 PM
    Note: »  Final Release for Tru64 UNIX    


June 2015
   VMS Software Inc.(VSI) Launches New Version of OpenVMS
  Operating System Worldwide.This is the first release of OpenVMS
  by the newly formed company.

Feb 2015
  At the VMS Software Inc. website, on the VSI Updates page, is a
  link to the new VSI Rolling Roadmap/tenative schedule for new
  Integrity OE and LP DVD releases with information on products
  updating, ordering, support, licensing and upgrading.

Jan 2015
  At the VMS Software Inc. website, a new VSI Updates page is
  available where key business and engineering updates are posted on
  a regular basis.

Sep 2014
At the official VMS Software Inc.(VSI)
website, see their
  Quality, Commitment, Strategy publication for future VMS development.
  See their VSI-FAQ for greater details.

 Aug 2014
HP is pleased to announce an agreement with VMS Software, Inc.
  (VSI) that extends the technology roadmap for our HP OpenVMS
  customers with additional long term solutions, HP's Project Odyssey.
  VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) announced it has licensed  from HP
  the source code of the OpenVMS operating system and named
  the sole developer of  future versions of the OpenVMS operating
  system and its layered  product components...
  HP will continue to support older versions of OpenVMS as
  detailed in HP's current OpenVMS roadmap (see below).

  Jan 2014
   See the latest HP OpenVMS Service Support Chart for current
   version-level support (Standard Support)and Prior Version Support
   (PVS) for OpenVMS operating system software. This chart will be
   updated regularly to reflect new version release dates and end-of-service
   dates for previous versions.

   Feb 2013
   For the latest, as well as previous ECOs & patches, please visit the
   HPSC Patch Management site. ECOs will appear there first before
   reaching the SPL website.

Jan 2013
   OpenVMS Integrity E-mail notification registration is now available
   via the: Register for SPL mailings web page.

May 2012
   An OpenVMS Integrity Layered Products Update List showing when
   these products last updated can now be viewed, or downloaded in
   Microsoft® Excel format.

Dec 2011
   As of Q4FY11 for OpenVMS Alpha, the Cover Letter with login
will be available for download for those customers on
   the electronic delivery option. At the Software updates and licensing portal,
   the Cover Letter can be found in every Alpha SPL kit under
   contract at the "Get Documentation" link. Physical media can also
   be requested under the" Request Physical Software Delivery" link.
   Visit the Software updates and licensing portal screenshot example.
   For those customers who have chosen the hard media option, the
   Cover Letter will remain part of the SPL Kit.
Jul 2011
   New Software Updates and Licensing Portal notice
: Retirement of SUM
   and ITRC
and its replacement. This notice has information on the new
   portal that allows immediate electronic access to all contractual software
   updates along with the ability to sign up for HP Support Alerts.

Jun 2011
   This is an important notice sent to HP customers regarding:
   Significant Shift to Electronic Delivery.

Feb 2011
   Following is the ASM notice sent to customers regarding:
   Changes to Quarterly Distributions for OpenVMS Integrity and Alpha.
Jan 2011
   OpenVMS Alpha delivery model change: Beginning Q2FY11, there will no
    longer be automatic media distributions, unless customers under contract
    register to request them . For more information, see the:
    Software Updates Service and Download Information web page.
Nov 2010
    The HP license for the ASTAware SearchDisc search engine software
    has expired and will not be renewed. Please use Microsoft search to
    locate information on your ODL CD-ROM.
                                                              »   more info on ASTAware license
Oct 2010
    Q1FY11 Final Release for OpenVMS VAX:  HP to provide ongoing support
    as outlined in the OpenVMS Support Chart. Further updates are not planned
    for the software products in the Software Products and Online
    Documentation Libraries.

Sep 2010
   OpenVMS Integrity delivery model change: Beginning Q2FY11, there will no
   longer be automatic media distributions. Customers under contract must
   register to request media and/or to download software.
                                              »  more info on OpenVMS Integrity downloads

  May 2010
OpenVMS Integrity OEU, Q3FY10: There aren't any OE Updates due to the
    new 8.4 release.

   *Q3FY10 Final Release for Tru64 UNIX: HP to provide support until, at
   minimum, the end of 2012. Further updates are not  planned for the
   software products in the Software Products and Online Documentation

Jan 2010
   Information regarding Software Agreement entitlements and downloading
   software from the SPL website can be found here: Download entitlement.

 Product Ship History & O/S Version Support for Tru64 UNIX in
  Microsoft® Excel is now available for online viewing and/or downloading.

Mar 2009
 Product Ship History & O/S Version Support  for OpenVMS Alpha,
  Integrity, and VAX in Microsoft® Excel, is now available for online
  viewing and/or downloading.

Feb 2009
  Additional/Associated SPDs for OpenVMS Layered Products,
  in PDF format, are now available for viewing or downloading.

   O/S documentation in PDF format, for OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX, is
   now available for viewing or downloading.

Dec 2007
 Product Ship History & O/S Version Support  for OpenVMS Alpha, in  
   Microsoft® Excel, is now available for online viewing, and/or downloading.

Oct 2007
   Celebrating 30 years of OpenVMS; October 25, 2007 marks the 30th
   anniversary of the release of VMS v1.0, the first version of the HP
   OpenVMS operating system.

 Sep 2007
   Getting Started documentation, in Microsoft® Word is now
   available for online viewing and/or downloading.

  Nov 2006 
   ODL Bookreader CD-ROM image documentation is available for online
   viewing and downloading onto ISO & native operating systems.

Aug 2006      
   The Online Documentation Library consolidations are now available at
   ODL Index  for online viewing and downloading (beginning with those
   released in 2006).

 Jul 2006
   The Software Updates Service and Download Information web page has
   been added to inform customers of the differences between SPL
   downloads for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX versus
   OpenVMS Integrity.

 Feb 2006
  Other Software Index page has been added to this website giving SPL
  customers the ability to download non-library SPL software.

  Jan 2005
   Beginning with Q1CY05, the March 2005 Release Date, OpenVMS Integrity's
  LPL and OEU release data support files and the Master Index, NOT the
  product binaries,
will be available on this website What's New page.
  OpenVMS Integrity binary downloads are exclusively done through the
  HP Support Center. More information on SW Downloads for Integrity may be 
  found on the Software Updates Service and Download Information  web

A Full-Kit ECO Index is now available for customer convenience.

  Beginning with the Q1CY04 SPLs, the "Cover Letter" containing download
  user credentials will be included in the readme directory on disc 1 of
  the Software Products Library(Layered Products)CD-ROM set.

  Software patch database information is available at the HP Support Center.
  Software patches can be downloaded. The database is refreshed nightly. 

 A tentative SPL Release Schedule, by quarter & platform, displaying
  website availability and CD-ROM ship dates, is now available.

  Customers can Register for SPL mailings to receive quarterly e-mails,
  announcing when the new SPL data has been posted to the website.

  SPL subscribers can now download individual software product binaries
  via http or ftp.                                  »   more info on Download entitlement

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