TeX and LaTeX

We've installed on BKFUG (AXP) TeX3.14159 (enlarged version) with hyphenation patterns for english, german, french and british. Our LaTeX2e version is now the June 2001 release (Babel <v3.7h> installed). Of course you can also use METAFONT and several drivers like DVIPS. To get a overview of the supported styles, look at our TeX VMS help. Our you can take a look at the HTML help for LaTeX, BiBTeX, MakeIndex, or SliTeX.

If you can use xdvi (e.g. on the node BKFUG), you may peek to our hieroglyph implementation, or to our phonetics. Or try our chemistry package.

If you don't have the hieroglyph or ChemTeX fonts, you may also try the hieroglyph or XymTeX PS-files.

And tell your TeX-manager to upgrade your font installations...

Just to give you an impression of the installed TeX-version, look at a typical TeX memory summary:

  Here is how much of TeX's memory you used:
   2840 strings out of 11192
   30261 string characters out of 112174
   84869 words of memory out of 327145
   5340 multiletter control sequences out of 10000
   80700 words of font info for 142 fonts, out of 81920 for 255
   84 hyphenation exceptions out of 503
   34i,14n,24p,258b,468s stack positions out of 200i,40n,60p,2000b,2000s

last updated: 1-Aug-2003