Tools to support finding of sequences


The HASSLE system offers an extended version of the FETCH program which uses network resources to locate the sequences. This alternative requires that your computer has the HASSLE system installed (it is not shipped with GCG), and is connected to the international network. With HASSLE you can search in databases on several HASSLE-servers simultaneously.


Currently, SRS in its local version is unsupported. At the time of writing, a networked version of SRS was in preparation. SRS is also runing within the WWW type of service. With SRS installed you can make a form-based search with your favorite WWW-client (Mosaic or Lynx). SRS builds the HTML files on the fly and offers also direct links in the resulting documents.

Both tools referred to above were running under a VMS OS. As our VMS services will be discontinued by the end of 1999, HASSLE and SRS will not be supported any longer.

Last update: 16-Nov-1999