Alexander Binder

(will write HTML for food)


Current Projects

Scientific work
Managing our Alphaserver
OpenVMS Forever!
Maintaining TeX/LaTeX on our system


Past Projects

Total solar eclipse 2006
Webdesign for the Fifth International Conference of Molecular Structural Biology
Designing the homepage of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
BKFUG World Wide Web
Building new services for network database searching in genetics
Building SRS for online www-search of genetic databases
Updating the LaTeX cookbook
Building Perl 5.6.1 for VMS
Making JAM
Porting FNEWS to AXP-VMS
Porting (and still maintaining) shuffles of X to AXP


Contact Information

Medizinische Universität Graz
Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde
Auenbruggerplatz 34
A-8036 Graz
Voice:+43 (0)316/385-72986
Fax:+43 (0)316/385-13300
Building : LKH Graz, ZMF (Centre for Medical Research, Stiftingtalstr. 24)
Ask for a visitor's pass at the reception
1st floor, enter the long corridor with the swipe card
along the corridor, take the door to your left when reaching the staircase (1-42)
Think "Alex" (No anonymous calls. I have caller-ESP )


Cold List

Click here to delete me from existance.
Top Ten Signs You've Had Too Much Coffee
Labor Statistics Balance Sheet
Do NOT click here! This link does not exist.
HTML Tags Examples
Growth of the Internet
Presentation on an Introduction to Internet through Mosaic
Icons for HTML pages
Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations
The Big Bang
How about reading Austrian news?
The Microsoft Hate Page
(This page was originally located at a OeH server of the University of Linz (Austria) and due to legal action by M$ is only left in the webarchives nowadays.)
If you still like Uni* or Windoze, look here!
Hot List
Some information on Europe's Total Eclipse 11 August 1999!
Styriarte - The Styrian Festival on Culture
Graz was the Cultural Capital of Europe 2003!

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