Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999

On Wednesday August 11 one of nature's most beautiful phenomena has occured; a total solar eclipse. The narrow zone of totality was running across Central Europe where millions were shrouded in darkness at midday.

But more, in all of Europe and Northern Africa people could watch the partial phase of this great eclipse.

Unfortunately, weather wasn't brilliant here in Austria as well as in Germany. Nevertheless I will try to put a few self-made pics on this page later on.

The material presented below is either from sites more lucky or from overhead (NASA). Enjoy!

RealPlayer G2 is required. GoG2

...and some pics

The only purpose of this page was to offer some links and images to this event. Please consider this selection to be Austrian-centered, too...

The essentials:

A global map of the TSE99
Some local data on Austria
A very good computer animation of the global Eclipse Path
A nice Quicktime Movie of the local Eclipse Path (Styria)