DHV11 (M3104)

The DHV11

The DHV11, Module number M3104, is a Q-bus 8-line async serial card with DMA. It goes with several cabinet kits:

Because it can place a heavy load on the system, it needs a high priority on the bus. The preferred order for the usual Q-bus cards is, after the cpu and memory:

1. TSV05 9 track magtape controller
2. DMV11 Microprocessor controlled DECnet communications interface
3. TQK25 Controller for 8 inch magtape drive
4. DHV11 Microprocessor controlled communications multiplexor
5. DEQNA Ethernet controller
6. TQK50 Controller for single spindle cartridge magtape
7. RLV12 Controller for 14 inch RL series disk drives
8. RQDX3 Controller for 5 1/4 inch RD/RX drives
9. KDA50 Controller for 14 inch RA series disk drives
10. RQC25 Controller for 8 inch RC25 series disk drives
11. RQDX2 Controller for 5 1/4 inch RD/RX drives
12. DRV11-WA General purpose 22 bit DMA interface

The DHV11 has two banks of switches, 8 and 8, 16 total. Viewed from top of board with bus fingers at bottom, cables at top, the default settings are

         Bank 1:  Bank 2:  CSR
         00001001 00011000 160440 300
switch # 12345678 12345678





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