Here are the tutorials we have. If you have written a tutorial related to spriting please contact us, and if it's good we'll publish it here.

DS Ripping with DeSmuME - by Grim

Learn to use DeSmuME's ripping features to rip Nintendo DS games.

Saturn Ripping with Yabause - by Grim

Learn to use the emulator Yabause to rip Sega Saturn games.

How to rip CPS2 Arcade Games With WinKawaks - by Grim

Learn to use this arcade emulator's excellent ripping features.

How To Put Together A Sprite Sheet - by Grim

Tips for maximizing the usability and usefulness of your sprite rips.

Basics Of GGD - by Crimson Penguin

Learn the basic workings of this powerful, but initially confusing, tile viewer.