Here are a few cool programs useful for sprite ripping and related tasks. If you have created a spriting utility and would like to have it hosted here, please contact me and we can add it to the list!

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Description: ScreenGet is my homage to AnimGet. Like that venerable program, ScreenGet takes screenshots really fast, and compares them. However, it also allows you to customize the capture speed and save screenshots as PNG rather than BMP. Give it a try! Now with a new interface and readme file.

This program is Windows-only and requires the .NET framework. It was made by me, Grim of SDB, for all you wonderful people out there. Enjoy!

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Description: SpriteTracer is a new program that allows you to automatically delete the background out of screenshots. You tell it what colors to keep, and it'll delete the rest. For a full readme and screenshots, click here.

This program is Windows-only and requires the .NET framework. Like ScreenGet, I made it and it's my gift to y'all. Have fun.

Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker
Author:Mitchell William Cooper
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Description: This amazing program by Mitchell William Cooper ( can analyze sprite sheets and split each individual sprite into a separate image file. See it in action at YouTube. If you make animations or fan games, you need this program. Check it out!

Author:Michael Menne
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Description: An awesome program for plain old sprite ripping, written by Michael Menne. Takes screenshots at an absurd rate whenever the screen changes and saves 'em to the "shots" folder.

Tile Molester
DownloadClick here OR here (Alternate version)
Description: Great tile viewer despite its disturbing name. Needs Java Runtime Environment. Here's a nice tutorial written by Ragey.

The alternate version is expandable, supporting GBA palettes and a few other formats, but is not quite as stable as the original.

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Description: This is a pretty powerful tile viewer, but it can be rather tricky to figure out. Thankfully we have a tutorial by CrimsonPenguin that should shed some light on its workings. Ragey has a good tutorial as well.