Hello and welcome to Sprite Database. My name is Paul, but for years I've been using the name Grim online. Call me what you like. Anyway, I'm the one running this site, and have been since I launched it in Feb. 2005. I'm 25 years old and I live in Long Island, New York. My interests include retro games, modern games (especially on PC), punk rock, comics and manga, and of course a bit of coding. Pardon me if I am too interesting to handle.

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E-mail me, dudes.

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Occasionally Asked Questions (OAQ)
Q: Can I use the sprites on this site?

A: This is a pretty common question. The answer is YES. Use them as much as you want.
Q: How can I get in touch with specific SDB contributors?

A: Check the sheet. Some people include contact information on their tags. If that doesn't help, see if you can find them on the forums. If that doesn't work and it's really important, contact me and I'll see if I can dig them up.
Q: What's all this about "give credit"?

A: A lot of people like to ask for credit on their rips. I used to do this. They basically want you to thank them for their effort in ripping the sprites. Seems reasonable to me. But regardless of what is written on the tag, you never have to give credit for rips.
Q: When does SDB update?

A: Every week. On Sunday nights. Sometimes I'll forget or skip a week but my track record's pretty good so far.
Q: I found a sheet you guys don't have! Can I submit it?

A: Sorry, no 'found' sheets please. Only submit things you have ripped or made yourself.
Q: Is ripping / archiving / using game sprites illegal?

A: I'm not a copyright lawyer or anything but the general consensus is "No". The game companies know we're doing this stuff and they don't care. Just don't try to make a profit from their copyrighted material, ok?

Q: What can I use the sprites on this site for?

A: Anything you want. Some of the more popular uses are animations, sprite comics, graphics, and fan games. You can use them as a reference for giant LEGO models if you want. Use your imagination.
Q: What kind of rips can I submit? What can I submit rips from?

A: Good ones! Seriously though, that's basically the rule. I'll take rips from console games, handheld games, mobile phone games, computer games, flash games, dōjin games, and even indie or fangames. (In the case of indie or fangames, make sure the sprites are not edits of existing game sprites. Also make sure that submitting materials from such games won't upset the people who made them--many spriters for these small projects won't appreciate seeing their work being passed around in this way.) For more info please see the Submit page.
Q: Can I submit rips from tile viewers or other graphics extractors?

A: Yes. SDB gladly accepts rips from tile viewers like Tile Molester, or extracting programs like Tahaxan (DS) or PSicture & PSX-VRAM (Playstation) . Many games like Namco X Capcom (PS2) have programs made specifically to extract their graphical data. Sheets compiled from these sorts of programs are perfectly acceptable. You can even find some of these on our Downloads page.

Q: What can I submit other than sprites?

A: Many things. SDB also hosts backgrounds and sounds ripped from games, as well as custom or edited sprites you can make yourself.
Q: Ok then, what kind of customs / edits can I submit?

A: Again, good ones. Quality is more important than quantity but they're both major factors. Just make sure it's something worthwhile (not a 150-frame Voltorb sheet.) And of course customs should be from a recognizable series (ie, Goku from Dragon Ball Z), or something that people will have a use for (custom made props or effects). No OC's or anything like that. For more info please see the Submit page.
Q: How do I know if my submission was accepted?

A: It'll appear on the site, for one thing. I don't usually tell people individually what's been accepted.
Q: Can you tell me where to get roms and emulators?

A: Although this question is easily answered by Google, I will be setting up a guide to emulators. Roms are generally considered illegal so I won't be helping you find those.
Q: I've submitted my sheets to other sites. Can I also submit them here?

A: Yes. Absolutely. I love SDB exclusives but all submissions are welcome.
Q: Some of the sheets on SDB say "only to be archived at The Spriter's Resource or Mystical Forest Zone". What's with that?

A: Well, it means the person changed his or her mind. Everything on this site was submitted here.
Q: Can I link to SDB?

A: Yes. Please do. We've got plenty of link buttons you can use here. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, send me an email.
Q: I'm not much of a sprite ripper, is there any way I can help out the site?

A: Sure. Join the forums and be an active member. Helping to make the community more lively is one of the best things you can do for SDB.
Q: I'm new to this whole spriting thing and I have no idea what's going on. Where can I get some help?

A: Everybody has to start somewhere. We've got a Help Board on the forums for any questions you have.
Q: I'm starting my own sprite archive. Can I host some stuff from SDB?

A: The answer is generally no. Unless you find some sheets that say "feel free to archive" or something similar, you should not put things on your site that weren't submitted to you. It's just common courtesy.
Q: Why do all the sheets say they were added January 2009 at the earliest?

A: I doubt anyone would actually ask this, but the current version of the site was built during my winter break in '09. In reality some of these sheets are as old as 2002 or so.
Q: Why do some of the sheets appear shrunk down with a "click here to zoom" button?

A: The site is coded to show sheets larger than 500 pixels wide in this sort of "thumbnail" mode. The whole image still has to load but basically it prevents the layout from being stretched out.