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[VID]9-Track Tape connected to a PDP11-23plus.mp4 30M 
[VID]Booting and running a DEC PDP-11-70.mp4 12M 
[VID]Consul 260.mp45.2M 
[VID]Consul-260 scanning key kodes.mp47.3M 
[VID]Consul-60 and Electronika-60 TEST.mp4 11M 
[VID]DEC RA82 Spinup SUCCESS!.mp45.1M 
[VID]Digital (Dec) PDP-11-34.mp4 17M 
[VID]Digital PDP 11-05 Running PDP 11 BASIC from ASR 33 Papertape.mp4 15M 
[VID]Digital RA82 Disk Drive Troubles.mp49.0M 
[VID]PDP-11 And The RL-01.mp4 17M 
[VID]PDP-11-23 2011.mp4 17M 
[VID]PDP-11-34 with RL-01 drives.mp4 36M 
[VID]PDP-11-40 computer and VT52 DecScope terminal.mp4772K 
[VID]PDP-11-40 minicomputer running a program.mp43.1M 
[VID]t1mpeg.mp4 56M 
[VID]Тетрис на ДВК-2 - клоне PDP-11, Tetris on PDP-11.mp4 11M 

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