TRS-80 DVD recovery process: From the ISO images I created three or so years ago I was able to copy all content of disks 2, 3 and 4. From the disk 1 ISO, the content of the following folders couldn't be copied: most of Magazines/Micro-80 all of: Magazines/Micronews Magazines/Misc Magazines/Newsletters Magazines/SoftSide Magazines/The Eighty Magazines/Trace Magazines/TRSTimes I was, however (new system? DVD drive?) able to copy all but Trace and TRSTimes from the original DVD, and everything unzipped without reported error, though I haven't visually inspected every file. I have subsequently supplemented the original with the following: 80Micro: 72% complete (73/101 issues) collection SoftSide Magazine: Vol 2 #8, 11, 12 Vol 3 #1-7 Vol 4 #8-12 Vol 5 #1-8, 11-12 Vol 6 #1-12 Vol 7 #1-2 Softside Atari Disk issues Micro-80 A number of issues; I believe: Vol 1 Nos. 4-10, 12, 13, 24