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"Where are the files? Show me the files! Not this sorry labyrinth of miscellany."


*HUMONGOUS* CP/M is not a unified software collection, but just a collection of disparate archives. For those who are looking for something specific we have provided the search box up top. But for the window-shoppers amongst you, we've assigned our secretary the task of concocting a rudimentary site-wide index. Here's her attempt, still much in progress.



This page is a proof of concept. It is a pre-alpha attempt at a site-wide index that just may, some day, be complete enough to be useful. For now, just ignore this page.



Operating Systems


Office and Editors


Users Groups

  • SIG/M -- The CP/M Special Interest Group software collection
  • FOG -- The First Osborne Group software collection
  • CPMUG -- The CP/M Users Group