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[   ]1001 Things To Do With Your TRS-80 (1984)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 (1982)(Tab Books).pdf.7z6.1M 
[   ]24 Tested Ready-To-Run Game Programs in BASIC (1978)(Tab Books).pdf.7z7.9M 
[   ]25 Graphics Programs in Microsoft BASIC (1983)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]33 Adult Computer Games in BASIC (1983)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]33 Challenging Computer Games (1981)(Tab Books).pdf.7z7.6M 
[   ]34 More Tested Game Programs in BASIC (1981)(Tab Books).pdf.7z8.2M 
[   ]500 Pokes Peeks N Execs for the TRS-80 Color Computer (1986)(Kishore M Santwani).pdf.7z3.6M 
[   ]500 Pokes Peeks N Execs for the TRS-80 Color Computer Supplement (1986)(Kishore M Santwani).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]55 Advanced Computer Programs in BASIC (1981)(Tab Books).pdf.7z9.9M 
[   ]57 Practical Programs and Games in BASIC (1978)(Tab Books).pdf.7z5.3M 
[   ]80 Micro's Review Guide 1st Edition (1983)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z 42M 
[   ]80 Practical Timesaving Programs (1982)(Tab Books).pdf.7z5.4M 
[   ]80 Programs for the TRS-80 (1979)(Jim Perry).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]8080 and Z-80 Assembly Language Techniques (1981)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf.7z 30M 
[   ]8080-8085 Assembly Language Programming (1977)(Intel).pdf.7z5.9M 
[   ]A Bit of BASIC (1980)(Addison-Wesley Publishing).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]A Guide To Programming In Level II BASIC (1982)(Laurenceville Press).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]A to Z Book of Computer Games (1979)(Thomas C McIntire).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Advanced BASIC (1977)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z6.6M 
[   ]Advanced Level II BASIC (1981)(Don Inman).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Agricultural Software Sourcebook (1983)(Tandy).pdf.7z9.5M 
[   ]Announcing Computer Games for Business School and Home (1980)(Winthrop Publishers).pdf.7z9.2M 
[   ]Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume I (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 23M 
[   ]Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume II (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 21M 
[   ]Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume III (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]Applications Software Sourcebook - Volume IV (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 46M 
[   ]Assembly Language Programming for the CoCo 3 (1987)(Laurence A Tepolt).pdf.7z2.4M 
[   ]Assembly Language Programming for the Color Computer (1985)(Laurence A Tepolt).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Assembly Language Programming for the Model 16 (1984)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Assembly Language Programming for the Model 16 (1984)(Tab Books)[a].pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Assembly Language Subroutines (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z 18M 
[   ]Basic Adventure and Strategy Game Design (1984)(Facts on File Publications).pdf.7z 19M 
[   ]Basic BASIC 2nd Edition (1978)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z8.8M 
[   ]Basic BASIC-English Dictionary (1982)(Dilithium Press).pdf.7z7.1M 
[   ]Basic Computer Adventures (1986)(MS Press).pdf.7z 25M 
[   ]Basic Computer Games (1978)(David Ahl).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Basic Computer Games - Volume II (1980)(David Ahl).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Basic Computer Games Microcomputer Edition (1978)(Creative Computing).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Basic Computer Language It's Easier Than You Think! (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]Basic Conversions Handbook (1981)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z2.7M 
[   ]Basic Conversions Handbook (1981)(Hayden Book Company)[a].pdf.7z3.4M 
[   ]Basic Cookbook (1978)(Tab Books).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]Basic Disk I-O Faster and Better and Other Mysteries (1983)(IJG Inc).pdf.7z 36M 
[   ]Basic Faster and Better and Other Mysteries (1981)(IJG Inc).pdf.7z 31M 
[   ]Basic for Business (1982)(Reston Publishing).pdf.7z8.4M 
[   ]Basic for Microcomputers (1983)(PWS Publishers).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Basic Fun with Adventure Games (1984)(Avon Camelot Books).pdf.7z 18M 
[   ]Basic Handbook (1979)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Basic Handbook 2nd Edition (1981)(CompuSoft Publishing).pdf.7z 33M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 1 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 2 (1976)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 3 (1976)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z6.9M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 4 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z6.6M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 5 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z5.8M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 6 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z7.9M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 7 (1977)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z5.5M 
[   ]Basic Software Library - Volume 8 (1978)(Scientific Research Inst).pdf.7z4.8M 
[   ]Best of Creative Computing Vol 1 (1978)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z 22M 
[   ]Big Computer Games (1984)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Book of Hints for Adventures (1982)(Adventure Intl).pdf.7z204K 
[   ]Business Applications Programming Guide (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 43M 
[   ]Business Programs for TRS-80 Model I and III (1980)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z 29M 
[   ]Circuit Design Programs For The TRS-80 (1980)(Howard W. Sams).pdf.7z 31M 
[   ]Cobol for the TRS-80 Volume 1 Class Notes (1983)(Tandy).pdf.7z4.8M 
[   ]Color Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf.7z694K 
[   ]Color Computer Assembly Language Programming (1983)(William Barden Jr).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]Color Computer Hardware Programming v0.8 (2006)(Chris Lomont).pdf.7z118K 
[   ]Color Computer Playground (1984)(Fred D'Ignazio).pdf.7z9.3M 
[   ]Color Logo (1982)(Micropi).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Computer - Spiele mit TRS-80 (1984)(United Feature Syndicate).pdf.7z6.1M 
[   ]Computer Art and Animation for the TRS-80 (1983)(David L Heiserman).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Computer Art and Animation for the TRS-80 (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Computer Battlegames (1982)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z7.0M 
[   ]Computer Bible Games (1984)(Accent Books).pdf.7z5.5M 
[   ]Computer Demonstrator (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot 1st Ed (1979)(Design Enterprises).pdf.7z9.9M 
[   ]Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot 2nd Ed (1984)(Design Enterprises).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Computer Programming in BASIC for Everyone (1973)(Houghton Miflin).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Computer Spacegames (1982)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z 19M 
[   ]Computer Spy Games (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z3.8M 
[   ]Computers For Kids (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]Conquering Adventure Games (1984)(Carl Townsend).pdf.7z6.6M 
[   ]Control Your TRS-80 (1983)(Ian Stewart).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Creating Simulation Games on Your Computer (1986)(Ballantine Books).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]Creative TRS-80 (1983)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z 64M 
[   ]Creepy Computer Games (1983)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z2.8M 
[   ]Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz).pdf.7z 89M 
[   ]Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)[a].pdf.7z 41M 
[   ]Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries (1982)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)[PCL].7z221K 
[   ]Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 1 (1980)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf.7z4.5M 
[   ]Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 2 (1980)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80 - Volume 3 (1981)(Richcraft Engineering Ltd).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Disk Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf.7z1.2M 
[   ]Dont or How To Care For Your Computer (1981)(Sybex).pdf.7z 31M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 01 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 02 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 03 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 04 (1981)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z8.7M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 05 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z8.2M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 06 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 07 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z8.8M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 08 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z8.8M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 09 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z9.8M 
[   ]Encyclopedia for the TRS-80 - Volume 10 (1982)(Wayne Green Inc).pdf.7z8.6M 
[   ]Explore Computing with the TRS-80 (1980)(Richard V. Andree).pdf.7z9.3M 
[   ]Explore Computing with the TRS-80 (1982)(Prentice Hall Inc).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Extended Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf.7z1.0M 
[   ]Fast BASIC-Beyond TRS-80 BASIC (1982)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf.7z 19M 
[   ]Full Turn of the Screw (1989)(Rainbow Magazine).pdf.7z 25M 
[   ]Games and Graphics for the TRS-80 (1983)(IJG).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Genie I and II ROM Listing (1984)(Luidger Rockrath)(De).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Getting Started with Extended Color BASIC (1984)(Tandy).pdf.7z6.3M 
[   ]Getting Started with TRS-80 Basic (1981)(Tandy).pdf.7z 41M 
[   ]Golden Flutes and Great Escapes (1984)(Dilithium Press).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Graphics and Animation on the TRS-80 (1985)(Christopher Lampton).pdf.7z5.7M 
[   ]Guide to Programming in Level II BASIC - Answer Key (19xx)(Bruce Presley-Lawrenceville Press).pdf.7z880K 
[   ]Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80 (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]How To Do It on the TRS-80 (1983)(IJG Inc).pdf.7z 37M 
[   ]How to Program Microcomputers (1977)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]How to Program the Z80, Third Edition (aka Programming the Z80) (1980) (Rodney Zaks).pdf8.1M 
[   ]How To Use The Model 100 Portable Computer (1984)(Alfred Publishing).pdf.7z3.5M 
[   ]How To Use Your Radio Shack Printer (1985)(Microtrend).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]How To Write A TRS-80 Program (1982)(Datamost).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]I Didnt Know You Could Do THAT With A Computer (1986)(Dan Gutman).pdf.7z 43M 
[   ]I Speak BASIC To My TRS-80 (1982)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z 14M 
[TXT]index.html 50K 
[TXT]index_DirHTML.html 69K 
[   ]Inside CPM - A Guide for Users and Programmers (1982)(David Cortesi).pdf.7z 60M 
[   ]Inside OS-9 Level II (1987)(Kevin Darling).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Inside Super Utility Plus Series 3.0 (1983)(Powersoft).pdf.7z9.1M 
[   ]Interface Projects for the TRS-80 (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Intermediate Programming for the TRS-80 (1982)(David L Heiserman).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Introduction to BASIC Student Manual (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z4.9M 
[   ]Introduction to Graphics (1981)(John Grillo).pdf.7z 34M 
[   ]Introduction to Level II BASIC (1980)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Introduction to Microcomputers - Volume II (1977)(Osborne and Associates).pdf.7z 62M 
[   ]Introduction to T-Bug (1979)(Dilithium Press).pdf.7z4.0M 
[   ]Introduction to the Z80 Microcomputer 2nd Edition (1987)(John Wiley).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Introduction to TRS-80 Graphics (1979)(Don Inman).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]Introduction to TRS-80 Level II BASIC (1980)(Michael Zabinski).pdf.7z9.2M 
[   ]Invitation To Fortran For The TRS-80 (1983)(Petrocelli Books).pdf.7z6.3M 
[   ]Invitation to PASCAL for the TRS-80 (1985)(Petrocelli Books).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Island of Secrets (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z6.6M 
[   ]Katie and the Computer (1979)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Kids to Kids on the Color Computer (1983)(Datamost Inc).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Kids Working with Computers (1985)(Childrens Press).pdf.7z1.6M 
[   ]Learning Level II (1979)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Learning the 6809 (19xx)(Green Mountain Micro).7z155K 
[   ]Learning TRS-80 BASIC (1982)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf.7z 23M 
[   ]Level II ROMs (1983)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Level II ROMs 1st Edition (1983)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 24M 
[   ]Machine Language Disk IO and Other Mysteries (1983)(Michael J Wagner).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]Mastering Multiplan (1984)(Tab Books).pdf.7z9.4M 
[   ]Mastering OS-9 on the Tandy Color Computer (1995)(Farna Systems).pdf.7z666K 
[   ]Microcomputer Sourcebook for Educators (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z6.7M 
[   ]Micromputers Mean Business (1983)(Tandy).pdf.7z5.6M 
[   ]Microsoft BASIC Decoded & Other Mysteries (1981)(James Farvour).pdf.7z1.2M 
[   ]Microsoft BASIC Decoded & Other Mysteries (1981)(James Farvour)[a].pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Model 100 Portable Computer Interactive Solutions (19xx)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z7.9M 
[   ]Model 100 Portable Computer Learner's Manual (1983)(Compusoft Publishing).pdf.7z 29M 
[   ]Model I Disk Interfacing Guide (19xx)(William Barden Jr).pdf.7z3.3M 
[   ]Model III Programming and Applications (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Model III ROM Commented (1981)(SSM).pdf.7z306K 
[   ]Model PC-4 Pocket Computer Programming Guide (19xx)(Tandy).pdf.7z4.8M 
[   ]More BASIC Computer Games (1979)(David Ahl).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]More BASIC Computer Games (1980)(Creative Computing).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]More TRS-80 Assembly-Language Programming (1982)(William Barden Jr).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]More TRS-80 BASIC (1981)(John Wiley).pdf.7z9.7M 
[   ]Mostly Basic Applications For Your TRS-80 Vol. 1 (1980)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z5.3M 
[   ]Mostly Basic Applications For Your TRS-80 Vol. 2 (1981)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z8.1M 
[   ]Multiplan Models for Business (1983)(Que).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]My TRS-80 Likes Me (1979)(Bob Albrecht).pdf.7z2.4M 
[   ]My TRS-80 Likes Me (1979)(Bob Albrecht)[a].pdf.7z208K 
[   ]Numerical Analysis with the TRS-80 (1984)(Prentice-Hall).pdf.7z7.5M 
[   ]Omni Complete Catalog of Computer Hardware and Accessories (1984)(Omni Publications).pdf.7z 51M 
[   ]OS-9 Level II and the Tandy Color Computer 3 (1994)(Rodger Alexander).pdf.7z8.3M 
[   ]OS-9 Quick Reference 1st Edition (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf.7z266K 
[   ]OS-9 Quick Reference 2nd Edition (1994)(Farna Systems).pdf.7z245K 
[   ]OS-9 User Notes I (1985)(Computer Publishing Center).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Pascal (1980)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Pathways Through the ROM (1980)(SouthSide Publications).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]PC-2 Assembly Language (19xx)(Bruce Elliot).pdf.7z6.8M 
[   ]Personal Computer Basic Reference Manual (1983)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z9.1M 
[   ]Personal Information Management System (1979)(SCELBI Publications).pdf.7z5.1M 
[   ]Pocket Computer Programming Made Easy (1982)(ARCsoft Publishers).pdf.7z4.0M 
[   ]Pocket Computer Programs (1981)(Artsoft).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]Portable Computing with the model 100 (1984)(Tandy).pdf.7z6.2M 
[   ]Power of Financial Calculations for Multiplan (1983)(Management Information Source).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Power of Multiplan Applications (1982)(Management Information Source).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Power of Visicalc (1981)(Management Information Source).pdf.7z4.3M 
[   ]Practical Basic Programs (1980)(Osborne).pdf.7z8.7M 
[   ]Problems for Computer Solution - Student Edition (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z6.8M 
[   ]Problems for Computer Solution - Teacher Edition (1980)(Creative Computing Press).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Programmer's Guide to TRSDOS Version 6, The (1983)(Misosys)[DOC].doc.7z167K 
[   ]Programmer's Guide to TRSDOS Version 6, The (1983)(Misosys)[PDF].pdf.7z358K 
[   ]Programmers Guide to LDOS 6 (1983)(Misosys).pdf.7z 15M 
[   ]Programming Microprocessors (1977)(W M Mcmurran).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Programming Techniques - Volume 1 (1978)(Byte Publications).pdf.7z8.3M 
[   ]Programming Techniques for Level II BASIC (1981)(William Barden).pdf.7z8.9M 
[   ]Programming the Z-80 2nd Edition (1980)(Rodnay Zaks).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Programming the Z-80 3rd Edition (1980)(Sybex).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Radio Shack Introduces The World of Computing (1977)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z6.3M 
[   ]Rest of 80 The (1983)(Wayne Green Books).pdf.7z5.8M 
[   ]ROM Routines Documented (1983)(The Alternate Source).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]Secret Guide to Computers (1980)(Scelbi).pdf.7z6.5M 
[   ]Small Computer Systems Handbook (1978)(Hayden).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]Softside Sampler (1982)(Hayden Book Company).pdf.7z5.9M 
[   ]Software Developers Sourcebook (1985)(Addison-Wesley Publishing).pdf.7z 24M 
[   ]Software Sourcebook 1st Edition (1984)(Alan J Lewis).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]Software Technical Manual (1979)(Houston Micro-Computer).pdf.7z1.7M 
[   ]Some Common Basic Programs 3rd Ed (1979)(Osborne).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Speaking Personal (19xx)(Dennis Bathory Kitsz)(pcl).7z 14K 
[   ]Structured BASIC 2nd Edition (1989)(SouthWestern Publishing).pdf.7z 18M 
[   ]Super Extended Basic Unravelled II (1999)(Spectral Associates).pdf.7z861K 
[   ]SuperMap Level II ROM Documentation (1979)(Fuller Software).pdf.7z1.3M 
[   ]Tandys Little Wonder (1993)(Farna Systems).pdf.7z4.9M 
[   ]Tandys Money Machine (1992)(Mobium Press).pdf.7z 29M 
[   ]Teach Your TRS-80 To Program Itself (1984)(Tab Books).pdf.7z8.1M 
[   ]The Alternate Source - Volume 1 (1981)(The Alternate Source).pdf.7z 18M 
[   ]The B00K - Volume 1 (1980)(Insiders Software Consultants).pdf.7z8.0M 
[   ]The B00K - Volume 2 (1981)(Insiders Software Consultants).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]The Source - Volume 1 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]The Source - Volume 1 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc)[a].pdf.7z263K 
[   ]The Source - Volume 2 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf.7z 25M 
[   ]The Source - Volume 3 (1984)(Logical Systems Inc).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]Things To Do With Your Model 4 (1983)(Signet).pdf.7z 28M 
[   ]Troubleshooting and Repairing Personal Computers (1983)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Troubleshooting Microprocessors and Digital Logic (1980)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 18M 
[   ]TRS-80 Assembly Language (1981)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z8.0M 
[   ]TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple (1982)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]TRS-80 Assembly Language Programming (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z5.7M 
[   ]TRS-80 Assembly Language Subroutines (1982)(William Barden Jr).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]TRS-80 Basic Computer Camp (1983)(Tandy).pdf.7z3.0M 
[   ]TRS-80 Cobol (1983)(Prentice-Hall).pdf.7z 23M 
[   ]TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs (1983)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z6.2M 
[   ]TRS-80 Computer Reference Handbook 2nd (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 20M 
[   ]TRS-80 Data Communication Systems (1982)(Prentice Hall).pdf.7z 13M 
[   ]TRS-80 Data File Programming (1983)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]TRS-80 Data File Programming In BASIC (1981)(Leroy Finkel).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]TRS-80 Disk and Other Mysteries (1980)(Harvard C. Pennington).pdf.7z 36M 
[   ]TRS-80 For The Beginning Beginner (1983)(Enrich Ohaus).pdf.7z8.1M 
[   ]TRS-80 Graphics (1979)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]TRS-80 Graphics Book (1984)(Dennis Tanner).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]TRS-80 Graphics For The Model I and III (1982)(Byte Publications)[a].pdf.7z 19M 
[   ]TRS-80 Graphics for the Model I and Model III (1982)(David A Kater).pdf.7z 35M 
[   ]TRS-80 Interfacing Book 1 (19xx)(Jonathan Titus).pdf.7z6.9M 
[   ]TRS-80 Interfacing Book 2 (19xx)(Jonathan Titus).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]TRS-80 Level II BASIC-A Teaching Guide (1980)(John Wiley and Sons).pdf.7z7.8M 
[   ]TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st Edition (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z5.1M 
[   ]TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 1st Edition (1978)(Radio Shack)[a].pdf.7z1.7M 
[   ]TRS-80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook 2nd Edition (1982)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]TRS-80 Model 1 and 3 Explained (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SCR].7z 31K 
[   ]TRS-80 Models I & III & Color Computer Interfacing Projects (1983)(William Barden Jr).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]TRS-80 More Than BASIC (1981)(John Froehlich).pdf.7z8.9M 
[   ]TRS-80 Portable Computer Subroutine Cookbook (1984)(David Busch).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]TRS-80 Programming In Style (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 21M 
[   ]TRS-80 Programs (1980)(Tom Rugg).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[DJVU].djvu.7z2.1M 
[   ]TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[DJVU][a].djvu.7z3.1M 
[   ]TRSDOS 2.3 Decoded and Other Mysteries (1982)(IJG Inc)[PDF].pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]Understanding Digital Computers (1978)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 22M 
[   ]Usborne Guide to Computer Jargon (1983)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z 14M 
[   ]Using AWK with OS-9 (1993)(ColorSystems).pdf.7z2.8M 
[   ]Using the Radio Shack TRS-80 In Your Home (1981)(Van Nostrand Reinhold).pdf.7z 34M 
[   ]Using the TRS-80 In Your Home (1980)(Radio Shack).pdf.7z 10M 
[   ]Verbal Control with Microcomputers (1982)(Tab Books).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]VisiCalc Applications (1982)(Management Information Source).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]VisiCalc for Your TRS-80 (1985)(John Wiley).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Weird Computer Games (1984)(Usborne Publishing).pdf.7z4.2M 
[   ]Whole Earth Software Catalog (1984)(Point).pdf.7z 59M 
[   ]Whole Earth Software Catalog for 1986 (1985)(Point).pdf.7z 67M 
[   ]Write Your Own Adventure Programs (1983)(Usborne).pdf.7z9.6M 
[   ]Writing BASIC Adventure Programs for the TRS-80 (1982)(Frank DaCosta).pdf.7z 11M 
[   ]Z-80 Assembly Language Programming (1979)(Leventhal).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook (1979)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z 16M 
[   ]Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook (1985)(Howard W Sams).pdf.7z 12M 
[   ]Z80 Assembly Language Programming (19xx)(Osborne).pdf.7z4.7M 
[   ]Z80 Assembly Language Subroutines (1983)(Osborne).pdf.7z 22M 
[   ]Z80 Microcomputer System (19xx)(SGS).pdf.7z6.3M 
[   ]Z80 Microprocessor (1988)(Macmillan Publishing).pdf.7z 29M 
[   ]Z80 Programming for Logic Design (1978)(Osborne and Associates).pdf.7z 17M 
[   ]Z80 Users Manual (1980)(Reston Publishing).pdf.7z 11M 

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