Texts and additional Material for my articles published elsewhere

More recently some of my writeups on matters relevant to this website have been published in club magazines. The contents of SIGNAL is only available to members while HISTEC Journal is downloadable on the Web. In both cases my copyright remained and the full text and illustrations as well as some additional materials are presented here.

The PDF files are freely downloadable, readable in e.g. Acrobat Reader and printable in high resolution. Usually the files are password protected against any modifications. Should something not work, please send me an e-mail.


⇒ All articles published in the Swiss HISTEC Journal (in German)

All articles published in HISTEC Journal are presented on their own page. As the Swiss journal is published in German, my texts are in this language. However some of the references therein are in English and circuit diagrams and pictures do not really have to be translated... The link on the left hand side leads to the archive of all past issues of the HISTEC Journal.


⇒ 400Hz inverters for air-borne radios (published in SIGNAL Issue 49)

This text presents the requirements and possible solutions for the task of providing 400Hz AC power to aircraft radios. Part 1 covers introduction and data of commercial units and explores and documents an experiment using a "simple" PWM inverter. The results are usable but not really satisfactory and part 2 will describe a more complex solution using today's technology. Unfortunately that part is still in the works, sorry.



400Hz Test Breadboard
The 400Hz Test Inverter Breadboard from the SIGNAL article.