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Welcome to Ken's Atari 8-bit Page. This page has not been updated in a while but I hope to start reviving it some soon.  On this page you will find a selection of Atari 8-bit Computer and Peripheral Emulators, Emulator Utilities, as well as actual Atari 8-bit programs. Real 8-bit programs include games, utilities, and programming tools/editors/languages. Also be sure to check out the links page with links to many essential Atari 8-bit related sites.  This page is available at If you came here via another link please bookmark this page.

News and Updates

September 4, 2010
Added message about ACEC 2010 Swap meet above
Septembet 11, 2008
This page has moved to URL


Emulation - Various Atari 8-bit computer, peripheral utilities, and related utilities for multiple platforms.

Links - Links to Other Atari 8-bit (or closely related) sites.

Programming - Downloads and Links to Programming Languages, Editors, Tools, and documentation.

Games - A few of the games I have written.

Utilities - A few Atari Utilities I have written.  (Editors, E: Handlers, Disk Menus, etc.)

Internet Connectivity - Links to Internet connectivity options for Atari 8-bits.

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