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This is currently a list of Atari 8-bit Links in a more or less random order -- to be remedied someday. The ones with a * are ones I consider particularly useful or interesting to me personally...your mileage may vary. All Links last verified November 5, 2003 and were loadable unless otherwise noted.

Categories   Web Page Maintainer Description
Game Archive * Vjetnam 8-bit Archive  [UPDATED] VjEtNam and SphereQ Similiar to Holmes site in that is has lots of Atari 8-bit games including many screen shots. Only problem is an annoying pop-up that pops up over and over creating lots of windows usually with the same ad if you don't close them.
AtariAge Albert Yarusso and Alex Bilstein Lots of news on prototypes, new releases, atari news, and forums for all practically every Atari computer and game system.
Programming * cc65 Freeware C cross compiler for several 6502 systems (including Atari 8-bits). This is a greatly enhanced version of the original Atari cc65 compiler with a great new assembler and linker. The cross assembler and linker are very powerful if assembly is you language of choice. Open source and frequently updated.
File Archive * Umich Atari 8-bit Archive Bill Kendrick A good historical source of most Atari 8-bit freeware/shareware. Archive utilities, telcommunications, languages, applications, demos, magazines, etc.
Magazine * Antic, The Atari Resource Kevin Savetz An archive of Antic Magazine as well as some STart issues. Includes text and most of the graphics from the magazines and most of the software disks.
Documentation   Atari 8-bit Docs, Hints and Solutions [DEAD]
Larry Richardson. Hints and manuals for a lot of Atari games and a few other applications. Not updated since 1999.
History   The Atari 400/800 and OSS Some information on OSS and the creation of Atari BASIC.
Hardware/Information * Atari Technical Information Trevin Beattie Information on each of the main LSI IC's in your Atari including programming information and pinout. Also an Atari ATASCII True Type font is available on the page. Last Updated in 1999.
Emulator/Utilities * Atari Peripheral Emulator for Dos and Windows Steve Tucker Home of APE, An Atari Peripheral Emulator that allows you to use your PC's hard drive, printer, modem (DOS verison only), and Internet Modem (Windows only). Demos available for download. Also home of Imagic, a utility to convert between Atari disk image types.  Also home of the new AtariMax flash cartridges.
Search * XL Search - The Atari 8-bit File Archive Bill Kendrick Search Engine to search several (12 currently) Atari 8-bit sites.
Emultators   Emulators Online Home of XFormer emulators for Windows, Dos and older versions for Atari ST. Only recommended if you need extreme high speed or are running on a slow machine (486 or slow Pentium).
History * The Atari Historical Society Curt Vendel Title says it all.
Links/Events * Atari 8-Bit Resort. [UPDATED] Marek Tomczyk Tons and Tons of Atari Links. Event lists.
Emulators   Atari800 Win: An Atari 8-bit Emulator ? Homepage of the Windows version of Atari 800. Last updated July 2000.
Programming   xa65 - 6502 Cross Assembler [UPDATED] Cameron Kaiser a 6502 Cross Assembler. Not updated for sometime I believe
Utilities   Atari XL/XE bo schreurs A few disk image tool are available here. Last updated February 1999.
Emulators   Atari800 Emulator Petr Stehlik Atari800 Emulator for Dos, TOS, Linux.
Hardware   SIO2PC Nick Kennedy Official Page of SIO2PC. No longer updated but you can find schematics, executable and source code here.
Hardware * Clarence's Atari 8bit page [DEAD]

Old Mirror

Clarence Dyson Lots of hardware hacking & building information. Video mods, SIO2PC compatable intefaces, IDE interfaces, etc. Good archive of atari hardware projects and modifications.
Games/Utilities * New Breed Software Bill Kendrick Games: Gem Drop and Sludge. Utilities: SIFE, File Selector, MuxChat, Colorize, DigiPlay Menu. Also some non Atari stuff here.
ATASCII Movies   The "Break Movie" Warehouse  [UPDATED] D. Ambrosio ATASCII movies. Browser viewable version available.
Photos/Info   Atari Hardware Showcase E. Parent Photos of various Atari Hardware. Nothing less or nothing more. Last updated Oct 1999.
File Archive   Matrix FTP Site (slow) unknown Lots and Lots of files of every type. This site is usually very slow (at least from the US) and may not always work.
Emulators   Atari 8-bit & Linux Pavel Machek Floppy EMUlator for Linux...a Linux port of SIO2PC (or start of one). Also mirror of BRiTiSH Underground pages.
Mailing List * Atari 8-bit Mailing List - Current URL Unknown?? maciej grzeszczuk Information on how to subscribe to the atari 8-bit mailing list. Note: This site is usually very slow (at least from the US) and may not always work. 
Hardware/Utilities   MacFalkner's Homepage MacFalkner Cross assembler, disassembler, flash drive, keyboard interface, sio2pc info, memdrv
Utilities   Homepage von HCRBurk Burkhard Rau Page is in German. Submon, Atari File Management, Cross Assembler and Disassembler, Flash OS & Disk.
Magazine * The Digital Analog Project Archive of many Analog magazines.
Info/Utilities   Jindroush's Atari Page Jindroush Various Atari Info: Hardware, technical, file formats, file systems, i-o errors, some programs utilities to download (including emulator disk image utilities)
Utilities   Atari 8-bit Utilities Preston Crow PC atari related utilities mostly including disk image utilities and real disk access. Also a binary load menu. An enhanced version of SIO2PC for linux available at Atari 8-bit & Linux started by Pavel Machek.
Vendor   Best Electronics Email Atari 8-bit vendor.
Programming   JLS Basic Compiler Jeffrey Glen Jackson JLS Basic Compiler. Available the compiler, manual, source code, and history information.
Vendor   B&C ComputerVisions Atari 8-bit vendor.
Vendor Vendor for various vintage systems including Atari 8-bits
Hardware   Reving Your Atari Nir Dary PAL-NTSC upgrade, Info on Super Archiver, Super E Burner, AD Converter, Black Box. Site last updated early 2000 and not completed.
Programming/OS   Atari 8-bit Developer's Page Freddy Offenga Info on 6502, Atari OS, Atari Languages. RomInfo program. Images of Atari OS and Basic are available here. Last Updated April 2000.
Preservation   Atari Preservation Project    
Programming/Information/Word Processing Keven Savetz Full text of Mapping the Atari and Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design, Compute!'s First and Second Books of Atari Graphics, and more! Also Old Hackers Atari User Group newsletter archive, and various other articles mostly concerning AtariWriter Plus.
Information   Atari Online News, Etc. General Recent Atari information scoured from various sources. Not 8-bit specific. Updated weekly.
Utilities/Misc   PVBest's Atari 8bits Web Site PV Few Atari Utilities (PC & Atari), Atari Rom (disk image) File Designer, Misc Info. Page is in English and French.
Games/Magazine * Mr. Bacardi's Homepage Email Atari 8-bit games including many not commonly available in the US and some Disk magazines.
Emulation * Atari800Win PLus Homepage Unknown Homepage of Atari800Win PLus. Currently the most recently and most updated Atari 8-bit emulator.
File Archive * Unknown Lots and losts of files
Links   8biscuits Joey Frohikey Very weirdly named site. Mostly just some interesting links.
Programming   6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools Dan Fandrich Large list of 6502 cross compilers and assembers.
File Archive   Atari 8-bit Homesoft Lots of Atari Games. English and German page version.
Information, Drive Emulation   Dan's OSS Supercart Page Dan Vernon OSS Super cartridge info, manuals. Atari 810, Atari drive emulator, MORE.
Information, Downloads   Thunderdome [UPDATED] SysOp Fox-1 BBS List, Pinout, Game Docs, Programming Info, Demos
Games   Atari 130XE Space Harrior Conversion Project   Chris Hutt (aka Sheddy) Sheddy: Here, you will find my fantasy of doing a homebrew version of Sega Space Harrier for the Atari 8-bit computers, plus much more interesting links to some Atari and Space Harrier sites. This is a freeware project with no objective (or prospect) of financial gain. Although Sega of Japan haven't responded to my enquiries yet, if the game is finished, it will be probably have to be called something other than Space Harrier, due to Sega's copyright.
Hardware Construction   Rudolf's Atari XL/XE projects Eprom Programmer and Serial/Parallel Interface plans.
Misc Hardware/Software   Mathy's Collection  Mathy Van Nisselroy Misc assortment of programs.  XEP80 mods.

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