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Beef Drop
Ken Siders
A much better Burger Time clone than my Burger Boy release from years ago.  Written completely in ML.  Atari 8-bit Computer and 5200 versions are provided.  This 5200 demo version release for 08-Aug-2004.   Atari 8-bit computer version is for 22-Feb-2005.  Cartridge versions can be purchased at the Atari Age website store.
Download Burger Boy Ken Siders Here Burger Time type game, with several levels.  Written in Action! and runs with a custom run-time module.  Action source code for a level editor can be downloaded by clicking here.
Download Pac-Munch Jr Ken Siders Here Horizonally scrolling ML maze game. Gee, wonder what it is like? ML Game.
Download The Fish-Adventures of Mr. Fish Ken Siders Here Guess what? You got gills and swim under water. ML Game.   Download Source here
Download Circle of Richness Ken Siders Here Wheel of Fortune type game. Puzzles can be changed. Action game with custom runtime module.  Download Action! Source here.

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