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Computer Emulators:

Page Download
Author or Coordinator Description
Home Page Win32Source Code Atari800Win PLus 4.0 Beta 6
Tomasz Szymankowski Windows port of the great Atari800 Emulator. Version 4,0 Beta 5 release July 2005.  

What's new::

  1. Ability to run the separate thread for core emulation procedures. This should reduce the crippling of sound. Since the whole Atari800 core and Atari800Win PLus graphical framework are not designed to work in multi-threading environment this option is highly experimental. In case any problems turning this option off is recommended. Due to numerous problems threaded emulation is turned off in full screen modes.
  2. Bugs in color palette configuration introduced in previous version are now removed.
  3. Options LABELS from debugger is now able to read label file generated by new X-Assembler and Mad-Assembler.
  4. Support for 2 new cart images in AtariMax format.

Note: Download is the windows installer version.  A non-installer zip files is available from the Atari800 Win PLus home page.
Home Page Mac OSX Atari800MacX Version 2.1.0 Mark Grebe Minor new features and bug fixes.  Read What's new at the Atari 800 MacX Home Page.
Home Page Win32LinuxSource Code
Atari 800 Ver 2.0.0 Happy New Year 2006!  Atari 800 code base has been updated to version 2.0.0.    Read what's new.
Home PAge LinuxWin32 Atari ++ 1.44 Thomas Richter Atari emulator for Linux and Windows. Read version history through 1.44.
Home Page Mac OS Atari 800 Mac Port Derek Ledbetter A beginning of an Atari 800 port for the Mac. I don't know if it is still being updated.
Home Page Win32 Atari800Win Ver 2.6C Unknown Emulator for Win95/NT and DirectX. Read what's new.
Home Page MSDOS EMUAPC 0.92 Demo
Slawomir Koziol New English version (0.92 Beta Demo ) now available of this Atari 8-bit emulator. 
Home Page Win32 Bounty Bob Emulator Bill Hogue (Big Five Software) Emulates perfectly the Atari 8-bit versions of Bounty Bob Strikes Back and Miner 2049er on Windows. (A real self contained emulator with the two games)
Home Page Win32 WAHCE Mike Fenton Haven't tried this emulator yet to I can't vouch for compatability. Emulator is copyrighted but freely distributed.  PAGE LINK appears to be broken.
Home Page WACKE Joe Fenton and Mike Fenton Wacke Atari 8-bit Emulator for Power Mac. Shareware.
Home Page Win32'nixSource Code
MESS 0.103
Nathan Woods This is a multiple home computer/console emulator that includes Atari 8bit support. Based on the MAME core. Available for DOS and Windows (as well as other OS's).  Read what's new in the version history
N/A XL-IT 0.20 Markus Gietzen A pretty good Atari 8-bit emulator but is has no longer updated in quite a while. Copyrighted but free.
Home Page MSDOS XFORMER 3.80 Emulators Inc. The fastest emulator although not the most accurate/compatable. You can also legally get the OS and Basic ROMs in this archive. Copyrighted but free. Good choice for slow pentiums or a 486.
Home Page Win32 XFORMER 98 Emulators Inc. Windows 95/98 version of PC Xformer. Requires Direct X 5 or 6. Copyrighted but free.
Home Page Win32 XFORMER 2000 Emulators Inc. Updated Windows 95/98 version of Xformer98. Requires Direct X. Copyrighted but free.
N/A POKEY 0.62  Mike Hill
Had potential and looked promising, but was discontinued early on in its development. Copyrighted but free.
Home Page Win32Mac OS Rainbow 9x/NT/2000/XP Freeware v1.36 / Mac Classic v1.4
Chris Lam Rainbow is now freeware.  Rainbow previously was a commercial emulator with limited demo versions available for download.


Peripheral Emulators:

Program Author Description
Home Page MSDOSWIN32 APE: Atari Peripheral Emulator Steven Tucker The Premiere Atari Peripheral Emulator. Prosystem can even emulate copy protection. Allow emulation of Drives, Printers, and Modems(DOS) or Intenet Modem(Win).
Home Page MSDOS SIO2PC v4.19 Nick Kennedy The original Atari Disk Drive/Printer Emulator for PC's by Nick Kennedy. Version 4.19. Shareware.
Home PageMac OSX Download Page LinkSIO2OSX Demo
Mark Grebe
Sio2OSX is a peripheral emulator for the Atari 8-bit computers that allows the Atari computer to use an OSX based Macintosh as a disk drive, a cassette drive, and a printer.   Sio2OSX peforms functions similar to APE or SIO2PC on Windows based computers.  Sio2OSX is a shareware program, and must be registered for full operation.  The unregistered version of the program will run for 5 minutes before quiting, allowing you to verify operation with your hardware setup before purchase.  Costs $25 to register.
Home Page MSDOS WAV2CAS and CAS2WAV Ernest R. Schreurs Converts WAV files of atari cassete files into .CAS format. You can then access these images on a real atari using CAS2SIO using an SIO2PC interface. By Ernest R. Schreurs. Free.
Linux Floppy EMUlator Pavel Machek Port of some SIO2PC functionality to Linux.
Home Page Linux SIO2PC for Linux Preston Crow Based on Floppy EMUlator for Linux with some new features added.
Home Page Win32 Atari File Management Burkhard Rau and Andre Bertram For Win 95/98/NT. Simulates Atari Drives via SIO2PC cable, Manipulates ATR/XFD Images. Haven't really tried yet other than loading it but looks cool. Run the homepage through a Translation page German to English for info. Freeware.
Home Page Win32 (NT/2000/XP Only) Atari 810 Dan Vernon Atari810 is free software (under the GNU/GPL software license) for emulating an Atari 8-bit floppy drive or hard disk on your PC. Ever Seen a Stack of Eight 810 Drives? What this means is that your PC, connected to the Atari via a serial port, appears to be a giant Atari disk drive, or rather, up to eight disk drives. Instead of using real disks, the emulator uses disk image files which are just binary files containing a copy of each sector of a real Atari disk. The emulator supports .ATR format files from tiny single-sided, single-density, 5.25" disk images (720 sectors or 92KB) to whopping hard-disk images up to 16MB.  Currently on NT/2000/XP is supported
HiassoT's Atari 8-bit World Page to download AtariSIO for Linux AtariSIO Driver New version V0.30-pre1 beta:

Changes since version 0.20:
  - atarisio: Reworked kernel driver code to improve robustness
- atarisio: Added support for linux 2.6.x kernel
- atarisio: Added module parameter to set name of serial device
(instead of old io/irq numbers) - making the 'pre install'
and 'post remove' setserial stuff (partially) obsolete.
- atariserver: Added preliminary support for ATP 1.6 images
- Added new userspace tools:
* atr2atp converts an SD or ED ATR/DCM/DI/XFD image into the ATP format
* atpdump dumps the internal structure of an ATP image
* adir prints the directory of an ATR/DCM/DI/XFD image
- Reworked large parts of the user space code
- atariserver: Added new 'CTS' SIO2PC cable type
- atarisio: Added new 'high speed SIO with inter-byte pauses' mode to
fix compatibility problems with some slow high-speed-SIO routines
- atariserver: Added completely new curses frontend with many new features
- atariserver: Fixed "GetStatus" bug - setting drive density from
MyDos now works correctly
- atarixfer: Added support for reading non-standard sized disks
- atarixfer: Implemented XF551-compatible format recognition
- atarixfer: Added support for writing quad-density disks
- atarisio: Speedy 1050 workaround in 1050-2-PC/ProSystem mode.
'ACK' instead of 'COMPLETE' is now allowed, too
- atarisio: debugging level can now be set using module parameters
'debug' and 'debug_irq'

The AtariSIO package contains:

  • A Linux kernel driver to handle the lowlevel SIO protocol. The interface is quite simple, so you can develop your own applications if you like!
  • atariserver - an Atari disk drive emulator, similar to SIO2PC or APE. At the moment atariserver supports up to 8 disk drives, 57600 bit/sec high speed SIO, and various tracing/debugging levels.
  • atarixfer - a small tool to read/write Atari disk images to an Atari disk drive connected by a 1050-2-PC or ProSystem cable
ATART Vladimir Tichy
Hardware and program can peform two functions.  (1) Allows your PC to emulate an Atari cassette drive. (2) Allows you to connect an Atari Cassette recorder to you PC to convert the tapes to CAS files.


Emulators Utilities:

Page DownLoad Program Author Description
Home Page MSDOS Source Code Ken's ATR/DCM Dos utilities Ken Siders All of myATR/XFD utilities for DOS in one zip file. There are programs to view Dos directories, extract files, make a bootable ATR from an Executable and more. Note: Their may be some bugs in these in which fixes have not benn propagated back from the AtrUtil95.
Home Page Win32Source Code AtrUtil95 1.13 Ken Siders Windows 95 program to view an ATR's dos image's directory, extract files from the ATR, view files in the ATR, delete files, insert files, create a bootable ATR from an executable and view ATR statistics. To read the documentation click here. NOTE: If your system does not have either MFC40.DLL or MSVCRT40.DLL in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, click here to download the necessary files to run AtrUtil. Click to see screen shots (slightly out of date): Pic1 and Pic2
Home Page MSDOS FixRom Ken Siders Patches Atari XL ROM, to allow it to work better with PC XFormer. This patch keeps BASIC from getting spontaneously reenabled when you hit reset (or the program calls the warm start function). This allows more programs to run. It may cause some other abnormalities however.
Win32 Atari File Management Burkhard Rau and Andre Bertram For Win 95/98/NT. Simulates Atari Drives via SIO2PC cable, Manipulates ATR/XFD Images. Haven't really tried yet other than loading it but looks cool. Run the homepage through a Translation page German to English for info. Freeware.
Home Page MSDOS
Imagic Steven Tucker Utility to interconvert different Atari disk image formats and move files between them.
Home Page Page to download ATR8FS for Linux ATR8FS Michael Beck ATR8FS is a ATARI 8bit filesystem for Linux released under the GPL. It
originated from the 8bit ATARI machines. It allows to read disk images from
a more than twenty years old computer :-)

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