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[   ]32 In 1 (1988)(Au)[a].7z 54K 
[   ]32 In 1 (Au).7z 44K 
[   ]Apple Snaffle (2010).7z 26K 
[   ]Arkanoid (rev 2011-08-26).7z5.6K 
[   ]Arkanoid (rev 2011-09-11).7z5.8K 
[   ]Armor Attack II (2013).7z8.3K 
[   ]Asteroids (Proto)(1984).7z9.0K 
[   ]Asteroids - VE (Vector Edition)(2005).7z8.0K 
[   ]Asteroids 3D + BIOS (2013)(PAL).7z9.0K 
[   ]Asteroids 3D 16K (2013).7z9.1K 
[   ]Asteroids Deluxe (2007).7z 11K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC0 (2014-01-08).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC0 (2014-01-11).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC1 (2014-01-12).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC2 (2014-01-12).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC6 (2014-01-18).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC7 (2014-01-19).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC8 (2014-01-23).7z 18K 
[   ]Astro Blaster RC9 (2014-02-02).7z 18K 
[   ]Atlas (2011-10-23).7z4.8K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man (2013)[a].7z9.8K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man - Uki Hack (2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man v0.01 (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man v0.02 (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man v0.02 Fast Invincible (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Baby Pac-Man v0.02 Invincible (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Beeb X.1.04 (BBC Tempest)(2010).7z8.9K 
[   ]Beef Drop Demo (2006-07-04).7z 14K 
[   ]Beef Drop Merry Christmas (Hack)(2006).7z 14K 
[   ]Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest (New Loader)(2013)(PAL).7z 34K 
[   ]Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest (New Loader)(2013).7z 34K 
[   ]Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest XM (New Loader)(2013)(PAL).7z 34K 
[   ]Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest XM (New Loader)(2013).7z 34K 
[   ]Bentley Bear's - Crystal Quest (2013).7z 35K 
[   ]Bleach Pac (Hack)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Blocdrop (2013-03-10).7z5.8K 
[   ]BonQ Demo (2007).7z 17K 
[   ]Cat-Man - Pac-Man Hack (2009).7z9.3K 
[   ]Caterpiller.7z9.3K 
[   ]Champ Pac SJB (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Choplifter (HUD Hack)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Choplifter (Wings Hack)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Christmas Jr Pac-Man C64 Mazes Hack (2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Christmas Jr Pac-Man New Mazes (2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Christmas Jr Pac-Man Old Mazes (2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Clean Sweep - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Color Demo (2001).7z3.8K 
[   ]Crazy Brix (2011).7z7.5K 
[   ]Crazy Otto - Pac-Man Hack (2010).7z 11K 
[   ]Damaged Pac - Hack (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Desert Falcon Invincible Hack (2013).7z 22K 
[   ]Diagnostic Test Cartridge (Proper MESS Header).7z5.3K 
[   ]Donkey Kong (Pokey)(2010).7z 17K 
[   ]Donkey Kong XM Final Demo (2012).7z 32K 
[   ]FailSafe (2010).7z 18K 
[   ]Falling Demo (2002).7z2.8K 
[   ]Fasteroids (NTSC)(2013).7z9.0K 
[   ]Fasteroids (PAL)(2013).7z9.0K 
[   ]Fasteroids 16K (NTSC)(2013).7z9.1K 
[   ]Frenzy (2013-12-18).7z 22K 
[   ]Frogger Nosound Demo (2003).7z2.1K 
[   ]Froggie (2013).7z 12K 
[   ]Galaga (Ship Edit Hack)(2013).7z 14K 
[   ]Galaga 14 Hack (2013).7z 15K 
[   ]Get Lost! (2013).7z 11K 
[   ]Ghosts Revenge - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Gobbler - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Gorf Demo (2009).7z7.8K 
[   ]Griffey The Dog (2010).7z9.5K 
[   ]Griffey The Dog Fast Version (2010).7z9.5K 
[   ]Griffey The Dog Halloween Version (2010).7z9.5K 
[   ]Hangly-Man (Pac-Man Hack)(2005).7z9.4K 
[   ]Happy Halloween Demo (2012).7z9.5K 
[   ]Hello 7800 World (Demo)(2001).7z3.1K 
[   ]High Score Cartridge (2000)(USA).7z3.2K 
[   ]Humantron (Robotron - 2084 Hack)(2013).7z 14K 
[   ]I Cat - Dig Dug Invincible Hack (2013).7z 12K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (Blue Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (C64 Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (Green Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (Hack).7z 29K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (More Hair - Small Chest Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (More Hair Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (Red Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission (Small Chest Hack).7z 30K 
[   ]Impossible Mission New PDA Hack.7z 30K 
[   ]Invisible Pac-Man Hack (2011).7z9.3K 
[   ]Java Ms Pac-Man (Hack)(2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Jr. Ms. Pacman (Hack)(2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Jr. Pac-Man (2012).7z 14K 
[   ]Jr. Pac-Man Green Hack (2010).7z 13K 
[   ]KC Munchkin (2014-04-09).7z6.3K 
[   ]Kung-Fu Master (6-22-13 Hack).7z 15K 
[   ]Mastersoft Munch - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Meteor Bath rc2 (2013-12-12).7z7.4K 
[   ]Meteor Bath rc2 16K (2013-12-12).7z7.4K 
[   ]Meteor Shower (2011).7z8.0K 
[   ]Miss Pac Attack (2005).7z9.8K 
[   ]Moon Cresta (2011).7z 13K 
[   ]Mooncrest B (NTSC)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Mooncrest B (PAL)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Mooncrest B 32K (NTSC)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]Mooncrest B 32K (PAL)(2013).7z 13K 
[   ]More Beef Drop (Hack)(2006).7z 14K 
[   ]Mr Pac-Man NES - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.8K 
[   ]Ms Fruit-Man - Hack (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Ms. Pac-Man (Hack).7z 10K 
[   ]Ms. Pac-Man 320Mode (2011).7z 13K 
[   ]Ms. Pac-Man Fast Version (2006).7z9.7K 
[   ]Ms. Pac-Man Green Hack (2010).7z 10K 
[   ]Ms. Pac-Man Simple Color Hack (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Multilockon (Proper MESS Header).7z225K 
[   ]Munchman Texas (2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Munchman Texas Multi Level (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Nyantari 7800.7z2.3K 
[   ]Pac III (NES) - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z 11K 
[   ]Pac JR - Hack (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Pac Nestor - Ms. Pac-Man Hack (2006).7z9.5K 
[   ]Pac Vic20 Maze - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Pac Vs - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.8K 
[   ]Pac-Man (Handheld Hack)(2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Pac-Man (Pac-Maine Hack)(2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Pac-Man (PC DOS 88 Hack)(2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Pac-Man (Specman Hack)(2013).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pac-Man (Titanman Hack)(2013).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pac-Man 320Mode (2011).7z 12K 
[   ]Pac-Man Collection (2006).7z 20K 
[   ]Pac-Man Collection Remake (2009).7z 14K 
[   ]Pac-Man Fast Version (2006).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pac-Man G - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Pac-Man G2 - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z 11K 
[   ]Pac-Man Green Hack (2010).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pac-Man Intellivision Maze - Hack (2013).7z9.4K 
[   ]Pac-Man Sound Hack (2010).7z 15K 
[   ]Pac-Pollux - Pac-Man Hack (2006).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pac-Who - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.5K 
[   ]Papa Smurf In Pacland (Pac-Man Hack)(2009).7z 10K 
[   ]Papa Smurf In Pacland II (Jr. Pac-Man Hack)(2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Pesco 7800 - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.5K 
[   ]Pesco1 Title 16K (2013).7z9.2K 
[   ]Pescotit 3ghost v2 (2013).7z9.2K 
[   ]Piranha - Pac-Man Hack (2009).7z9.3K 
[   ]Portable Ms Pac - Hack (2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Purplepants Demo (2003).7z2.6K 
[   ]Q-Bert Cheat Hack (2006).7z 11K 
[   ]Rampart (Proto).7z5.2K 
[   ]Rip-Off (2012).7z 10K 
[   ]Santa Simon (2006).7z 19K 
[   ]Scramble (2012).7z 10K 
[   ]Sentinel (1991) (Atari) (PAL) [Correct Header] [!].7z 22K 
[   ]Sentinel (NTSC Converted) [Correct Header] [!].7z 22K 
[   ]Sirius (Unknown)(Proto).7z 37K 
[   ]Snack Attack - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.3K 
[   ]Snapper - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.2K 
[   ]Snow Day Jr. Pac-Man (2009).7z 13K 
[   ]Soft Cell (Proper MESS Header).7z341K 
[   ]Space Duel (2007).7z 11K 
[   ]Space Invaders (2008).7z8.6K 
[   ]Space Junk (2013-12-08).7z9.6K 
[   ]Space Junk 32K (2013-12-08).7z9.7K 
[   ]Spacepong (NTSC)(2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Spacepong 32K (NTSC)(2013).7z 10K 
[   ]Star Wars 7800 - Xevious Hack (2007).7z 18K 
[   ]Super Circus AtariAge (2011).7z9.7K 
[   ]Super Circus AtariAge Fixed (2014).7z9.4K 
[   ]Super Cobra - Scramble Hack (2012).7z 11K 
[   ]Super Pac-Man (2008).7z 15K 
[   ]Tank Command - Midnight Run Hack (2012).7z 17K 
[   ]Tank Command 128K (color edit)(2012).7z 17K 
[   ]Tank Command 64K (color+sprite edit)(2012).7z 16K 
[   ]Trix Brix 16K (NTSC)(2013)(level 13 removed).7z6.8K 
[   ]Trix Brix 16K (NTSC)(2013).7z6.7K 
[   ]UFO! (2009).7z6.6K 
[   ]Ultra Pac-Man (2013).7z9.7K 
[   ]Ultra Pac-Man (Hack)(2005).7z9.7K 
[   ]Ultra Pac-Man Fast Version Unlimited (2006).7z9.8K 
[   ]Upside Down Ms. Pac-Man Hack (2009).7z9.7K 
[   ]Upside Down Pac-Man Hack (2009).7z9.3K 
[   ]Visage Digi-Loop (2005).7z 13K 
[   ]Waka Waka - Pac-Man Hack (2013).7z9.9K 
[   ]Warbirds Demo (2009).7z7.4K 
[   ]Wasp! (2009).7z6.1K 
[   ]Water Ski 128k (Title+Color+Realign Hack)(2013).7z 17K 
[   ]Water Ski 64k (Title+Color+Realign Hack)(2013).7z 17K 
[   ]Worm! (RC 1.16)(2010).7z8.9K 
[   ]WWE Title Match (alt colors).7z 14K 
[   ]WWE Title Match.7z 14K 
[   ]Xevious Hack (Title+Color Edit)(2013).7z 20K 
[   ]Xevious Insane Hack.7z 21K 
[   ]XmasTime - Beef Drop Hack (12.25.2006).7z 14K 
[   ]Zelda Demo (2002).7z2.5K 

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