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[   ]A7+ - The Ultimate Amiga-Games Compilation (1997)(New Generation Software)[!][compilation].zip111M 
[   ]Black Viper (1996)(NEO)(M3)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip 38M 
[   ]Bubble Heroes (1999)(Crystal Interactive Software)[!].zip447M 
[   ]Cedric (1996)(NEO)(en-de)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip2.6M 
[   ]Civilization (1994)(Acid Software)(en-de)[!].zip9.3M 
[   ]Code name Hell Squad (2000)(Digital Dreams)[!].zip351M 
[   ]Descent - Freespace - The Great War (2001)(Interplay)[!].zip516M 
[   ]Eat the Whistle (1998)(Islona).zip9.0M 
[   ]Erben der Erde - Die grosse Suche (1995)(Softgold)(DE)[!][Amiga-CD32-CDTV].zip169M 
[   ]Fightin' Spirit (1996)(NEO)(M3)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip415M 
[   ]Final Odyssey - Theseus Verses the Minotaur (1997)(Vulcan Software)(M7)[!].zip126M 
[   ]Flyin' High v1.0 (1997)(APC&TCP)(en-de)[!].zip 32M 
[   ]Foundation - The Undiscovered Land (2000)(Epic Marketing)[!][addon disc].zip 62M 
[   ]Islona Collection, The (1999)(Epic Marketing)[!][CD-R][compilation].zip 32M 
[   ]Mag!!! (1996)(Greenwood)(DE)[!][Amiga-CD32][M R-0568 A].zip321M 
[   ]Moonbases (1999)(ALIVE)(en-de)[!][CD-R].zip 11M 
[   ]Myst (1997)(PXL computers)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip487M 
[   ]Nemac IV - Director's Cut (1996)(ZenTek)[!].zip283M 
[   ]Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy v1.1 (2000)(clickBOOM)(M5)(Disc 1 of 3)[!].zip482M 
[   ]Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy v1.1 (2000)(clickBOOM)(M5)(Disc 2 of 3)[!].zip420M 
[   ]Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy v1.1 (2000)(clickBOOM)(M5)(Disc 3 of 3)[!].zip434M 
[   ]Oldtimer - Erlebte Geschichte Teil II (1995)(MAX Design)(DE)[!].zip9.6M 
[   ]Pinball Brain Damage (1997)(APC&TCP)[!].zip 32M 
[   ]Powder (1998)(Verkosoft Publishing)[!].zip1.9M 
[   ]Prophet, The (1999)(ALIVE)[!][CD-R].zip 13M 
[   ]PuzzleBOBs (2001)(Amiga Arena - Fun Time World)[!][CD-R].zip 39M 
[   ]Red Mars (1999)(ELBOX)(M4)[!].zip592M 
[   ]Simon the Sorcerer II - The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe (1998)(Epic Interactive)(M3).zip 91M 
[   ]Sixth Sense Investigations (1998)(Islona)(DE)[!].zip128M 
[   ]Spherical Worlds (1996)(NEO)[!].zip2.2M 
[   ]Star Fighter - D'Yammen's Reign (1999)(Islona)[!][CD-R].zip 92M 
[   ]Strangers, The (1997)(Vulcan Software)(M10)[!].zip 84M 
[   ]Street Racer (1997)(Acid Software)[!].zip 66M 
[   ]Superfrog (1999)(Islona)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip5.3M 
[   ]Tales From Heaven (2000)(Epic Marketing)[!].zip 19M 
[   ]Theme Park (1994)(Acid Software)(M4)[!].zip 38M 
[   ]Trapped II (1997)(New Generation Software)[!].zip186M 
[   ]Turbo Racer 3D v1.50 (1997)(ALIVE)[CD-R][serial].zip 18M 
[   ]Ultimate Gloom (1997)(Guildhall Leisure Services)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip 21M 
[   ]Ultimate Super SkidMarks (1997)(Guildhall Leisure Services)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip 46M 
[   ]Uropa2 - The Ulterior Colony (1997)(Vulcan Software)(M10)[!].zip186M 
[   ]Virtual GP (1999)(Islona)[!].zip189M 
[   ]Virtual Karting 2 (1998)(Islona)[!].zip 14M 
[   ]Vulcanology - The Miniseries Compilation (1998)(Vulcan Software)[!][compilation].zip106M 
[   ]Wasted Dreams (1999)(Digital Dreams)[!].zip329M 
[   ]Wendetta 2175 (1996)(Skills)[!][Amiga-CD32].zip 16M 

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